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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> investigators say jayda was driving on the canyon road 10:45 saturday morning when she was involved in an accident. the collision propelled her car to the creek. high waters didn't allow search teams to enter the creek until tuesday. sky fox was overhead as they recovered jayda's cars that had busted out windows in the back, front and side. >> we were optimistic that we could do the recovery today but when we pulled the car out of the creek, she was not inside. >> investigators say that it is likely that jayda tried to get out because her seat belt was unfastened. crews are not giving up hope. doing a search from the point of entry to the san francisco bay. the sheriff's office says they are using all available resources to find jayda. >> we will bring in airplanes and helicopters and boats and families and first responders and drones. >> until i find her she is coming home. it is not that she is not. it is that she is coming home.
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reporter: the search has been suspended for the evening. as for now, canyon road, police will hope to reopen it within the next 10 to 15 minutes. frank and julie. >> wouldn't that be incredible if she is still alive. paul chambers along alameda creek. thank you. the damage from our recent series of storms is adding up. we have seen sinkholes and closed roadways and potholes and damage to the system that brings water to bay area residents. tonight we take a closer look at how neighbors in the state of california will fix these problems. it could be weeks before we see the estimates. and the state is hoping to receive federal money to help with the repairs. reporter: governor brown issued two emergency proclamations opening the door for county governments to secure federal funding for the
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repairs. >> from washed away roads in the south bay, and the east bay, to flooded north bay highways and fallen trees and mud slides and hail on the peninsula, the bay area has taken a beating by mother nature in recent weeks. >> while the rain has been great, it has been a deluge. >> the emergency proclamations apply to 50 of the 58 counties in california. >> that allows us to gather everything that we can gather and figure out what the damage estimates are and then submit those to the federal government to see if we will be eligible for a presidential state of emergency. >> east bay mud are using their own admissible funds for repairs. the board of directors ratified
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the district emergency on tuesday. the agency spent $500,000 to shore up an area where a landslide occurred near the aqueduct on january 9th. we want to make sure it doesn't get any closer to that aqueduct and compromise it. it was a pro active response, a quick response to make sure that aqueduct is secured. >> despite the damage, there is no denying the water has helped the bay area recover from the drought. >> these rains have been a godsend honestly. the problem is that getting this rain all at one time. we didn't want it in such a short period of time. we wanted it kind of spread out. it could take several weeks for inspectors to gather up the initial damage estimates. it is possible that figure will likely run into the tens of millions of dollars. cristina rendon, thank you. a big problem for drivers in the north bay continues. highway 37 between highway 101 in nevada remains shut down. the second time that flooding has closed that section of
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road. officials say the king tides predicted for the next few days could make the situation worse. right now the chp can't estimate when the lanes could be reopened. the family of a woman killed by a falling tree says her death could have been prevented. 35-year-old erica tyler was killed when a 125-foot tree came crashing down on her home as she was sleeping during a rainstorm last saturday night. her daughter had feared the tree might fall and asked the landlord to remove it. the property owner had not commented yet. the white house stood behind some controversial comments by president trump in a meeting with congressional leaders. mr. trump repeated a claim that emergencies of fraudulent votes were the reason he lost the popular vote to hillary clinton. he continues to maintain that belief based on studies and evidence that people presented to him. >> what evidence? we have been told there is no
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evidence and the national secretary of states do not agree with the president's assessment what evidence do you have. >> the president believes that based on information he has. democratic leaders say there is no proof to back up the claims. the bottom line is simple, you cannot run a government, you cannot help people, you cannot keep america safe if you don actually admit to the facts. all 50 states finally iced the election results with no reports widespread fraud. his press secretary declined to say if the trump administration would investigate the allegations. fox news correspondent lauren blanchard says there is two pipeline projects moving forward. >> we are going to renegotiate some of the terms. >> a blow to environmental activists as president trump signed executive orders today
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to help expedite the construction of the keystone excel and dakota pipelines. something that president trump had tried to stall. the president remarked this morning he will ensure that he will negotiate in both areas to provide the best deal for the american taxpayer. >> president trump meeting with leaders of the senate judiciary to fill the spot on the supreme court. >> i will make my decision next week. we have outstanding candidates. >> on capitol hill another feisty confirmation hearing for tom price. the president's choice for secretary of health and human services. the congressman continuing to defend himself against claims from democratic lawmakers that he used bad judgment when he made a stock purchase and introduced a bill designed to benefit that same company. reality is that everything that i did was ethical and aboveboard and legal and transparent. the reason that you know about
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these things is because we have made that information available in realtime. >> president trump has accepted an invitation from house speaker paul ryan to speak with a joint session of congress on february 28th. it will be his chance to lay out an official jean before the congress. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. president trump is getting support from republican leaders for his push to build the two oil pipelines. in a statement house speaker paul ryan says thanks to president trump order the keystone pipeline and dakota access pipeline can be built. canadian prime minister justin trudeau is a strong supporter of the keystone pipeline and he says he has spoke ton president trump about the issue and says the pipeline will bring jobs and economic growth to canada. we will see if we can get that pipeline built. a lot of jobs. 28,000 jobs. great construction jobs.
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the president also signed orders to stream line the permitting process and ensure that the pipelines are built with american steel. oakland councilmember rebecca caplin has been a critic of the pipeline. >> offered resolutions and held rallies in the bay and traveled to standing rock to spend time with the protestors and joins us. the supporters say it will create thousands of jobs and help america become more energy sufficient. why are you so against them? >> we have two fundamental problems here. one is of environmental destruction and the other is of the mistreatment of the native peoples and their land and water. and both of those issues come together in the instance of the dakota access pipeline. it was rerouted out of more affluent and politically connected community as well as the fact that it contributed to global warning continuing whether or not it is removed from the web page it is still happening.
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we have i believe more responsibility both to the people and to the survive billity for the next generations to take action. >> would you be okay if it was reouted that native americans are concerned about. >> the rerouting is what president trump suggests. but it threatens the water supplies of thousands, i think rely focuses us on how destructive it is and we can create more jobs doing sustainable energy like wind and solar and electric vehicles and improving the public transit, they create more jobs per dollar than these kinds of projects that also are bad for our health. the oil industry is cheering, protestors are gearing up for another round of demonstrations. do you think that demonstrations can do anything
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to stop these projects now from moving forward? >> i do think that they can help. look at the millions of women in the streets and how that has galvonized report on so many issues? and so when we talk about the fact that what will we do when the epa is not here to protect us anymore. we can take action at the local level and improve environmental policies in the bay area and in california and we can be part of the solution by taking our money out of these projects that go against our values. >> you are asking for calpers to withdraw that are involved, correct? >> yes. i sent a letter to calpers that holds the retirement of california public employees asking them to take their money out of the dakota pipeline that is in the republic of california. we can put our money where our mouth is and take it out of the
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projects repropose. thank you so much. still to come governor brown takes to president trump. the fighting words for the commander in chief. amen to that brother. we are here with you. coming up at 6:30, the one thing that governor agrees on. i'm tracking the forecast. things will warm up a bit. still cold but warmer and certainly dryer. and take a look at this. a train slams into a fedex truck on the tracks. investigators working to figure out how the truck got stuck interest. and a ski resort worker killed on the job. coming up next, a live report. the important safety work he was doing when he was killed. ?q
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a gentlemen doing his job and david sitches was known as a pro at his job. a real expert. but that doesn't mean the job he was doing was not extremely dangerous. >> 42 year-old joe sitches killed tuesday while planning explosives by hand to knock down potentially avalanche snow in deep drifts at squaw valley ski resort outside of lake tahoe. >> deeply saddened by this tragic loss. >> we are a family and this impacts everybody our team. >> he was working on top of what is called gold coast ridge at squaw valley where explosive experts spent much of the day trying to make certain the scene was safe before trying to bring his body back down the mountain. >> from what i understand there
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is possibility of hand charges. >> he was working at the ridge at 8:30 this morning when the sudden happened. a half hour before the resort was going to open. the skiers enjoying the best ski conditions in years. they were forced to go elsewhere. >> you were disappointed but then the perspective sets in. he leaves behind a wife and young son. the village will remain closed to skiers for the near news. we are a family and probably the furthest thing from our mind is the operation of the mountain. >> we spoke with the placer county sheriff deputies a few minutes ago. they said the explosives have now been removed from the mountain side. the mountain is now safe. reporting from squall valley.
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was the mountain closed because of the explosives or the severe weather conditions up there, ben? reporter: it was neither. a tight knit group that maintains the mountains and that shepherds skiers up and down. emotional time. they are saying the mountain is closed has they deal with the logs far more than the ramifications of those explosives. >> lots of snow in the mountains in the sierra nevada and the cascades and this picture sent in by emma in santa cruz and you can see -- it looks like a significant rain shaft. some of the hailstorms and thunderstorms against the coast. outside right now it is cool and overnight lows will get down in the low 30s and some frost and maybe valley fog. and then this is the remnant of
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the system that brought us the activity working its way to southern california. the system there but it won get to us. high pressure once the low leaves southern california and the high pressure will dominate getting showers. southern california got rain and snow in big bear and in mammoth and a protective weather system for the west coast of the united states. right now it is dry for the first time in awhile. overnight lows will get down there and it is 46 in fairfield. that's chilly and 15 in santa rosa. jackets if you are going out. and jacketless be needed. not just in santa rosa but san francisco. cool start and partly cloudy skies. lunchtime it is 52 and there is the sky cover. a few clouds linger and partly sunny and highs tomorrow warmer than they were today. not very warm. in the 50s but warmer than
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today. with the five-day forecast in a plan for the bay area weekend. a young married couple found dead in their apartment. no clues how they died. more on this mystery in berkeley. half of the dogs are under shelter as a virus spreads. what is being done to save the dogs.
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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breaking news on the fremont side of the bay near the railroad trestle. sky fox at the scene. extremely dark but you can make out the emergency lights at the bottom of the screen. a report of two people. one victim has been found in a raft and the other victim in the water. we are looking to get more information and when we learn something new, we will bring it to you. the sonoma animal shelter trying to stop the spread of a virus. >> some dogs have been placed in quarantine and have had to euthanize several others. >> at the sonoma county animal shelter in santa rosa. the director says a dog has tested positive for parvo virus and will have to be euthanized.
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the shelter says other dogs can can at risk. >> the staff has put down five other dogs so far because of the virus. today's news can mean a 6th. the outbreak started earlier mon when four infected puppies came in the shelter and monday a pitbull tested positive and was euthanized. >> now 45 dogs and more than half the canine population of the shelter are in quarantine. 12 of them are considered at high risk for infection. >> how it has gone from the puppies from the kennel to other dogs and other kennels, we are trying to figure out. >> since the outbreak the shelter has done special cleaning. every kennel and wall and floor and the offices have been bleached. >> right now all of our adoptable dogs have not tested
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positive that is a good sign but will continue to task and really in the area of stray side that we are most concerned about. >> the shelter is awaiting test results on 14 dogs. until then not adopting any animals until the outbreak is over. parvo can be passed on by humans or dogs. attacks the gastrointestinal system and can be fatal. we don't know the vaccination history. >> reviewing how it separates the dogs to prevent an outbreak from happening again. in santa rosa. rob roth. fox 2 news. ktvu fox news at 6:30 is next. a couple found dead in an apartment in berkeley. we know who died but how they died is still a mystery. the governor drives the state of the state address. and the state of the state is
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decidedly defiant. if it seems like you are seeing a lot of political posts on social media you are right. coming up, a look at recently released figures about political posting and how it could be good for you to read
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them. now to today's top stories. a team of rescue workers pull a
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car from alameda creek. they didn't find the body of the driver identified as 18- year-old jayda jenkins. she was driving the car when it collided with another car on saturday morning outside of fremont. her family is still holding out hope that they will find her alive. president trump is expected to roll out executive actions on immigration tomorrow including plans for a wall along the u.s. mexico border and later in the week he could see plans for restricting refugees in the u.s. mr. trump signed executive actions to move forward with the keystone and dakota pipeline. a member of a ski patrol was killed as he was conducting avalanches. 42-year-old joe sic he s. the investigation is going on. it has been under an avalanche
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warning for the past two weeks. we learned the ideas of a married couple found dead in berkeley. the bodies of roger and valerie morass were found. the coroner's office is figuring out what happened. henry lee says that investigators hope that the autopsy will show the results. >> 35 year-old roger and valerie were found dead on deacon street. roger was a video game producer and former software engineer and 32 year-old valerie seen from her web site was eye researcher in san francisco with her own lab. she earned advanced degrees from u c berkeley and mit where the couple met. uc berkeley optometry professor was valerie's advisor. >> she was a happy person that was in a launching point in her career. so it was a good point in her
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life. things were going well. and what i knew of her husband, he was bright. >> a woman found roger and his cats unresponse. police found valerie's body. there was no signs of violence or foul play. >> this is a mystery. this is one of those cases that may come down to the coroner's report. there is nothing obvious. no obvious signs of how these people passed. >> the couple's next door neighbor says in the past she heard jen ner rater operating. >> i called the police a few times but they did


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